Website is WIP, come back soon for a more complete and improved website!


Advent of Code 2022

My attempt at the 2022 Advent of Code programming challenge. Did it in Rust for no good reason and only got about 10 days in. Might come bacm to it sometime.


A multipurpose Discord bot written in Python with discord.py designed with customization in mind.


A hub for my projects and lets me share what I am doing. This is my first real exploration into web development.

Admin Shuffle

A Discord bot to run a social experiment where random members are given admin. Join the server!

IIoW Parser

A C# library and eventually website for modifying save files for IIslands of WAR.

Mandelbrot Shader

This is my first exploration into fractals. It is a shader is written in GLSL that visualizes the Mandelbrot set in several different ways.

Julia Sets with Color

After making the Mandelbrot shader, I modified someone elses implementation of the Julia set to add color similar to my shader.

Green Thumb

This is the game I made for the Ludum Dare 46 game jam. I used Unity and Blender to make it in 72 hours which was quite a challenge being my first game.

Weekend Jam 2

My submission for the Weekend Jam 2, and my second game. It's a 2D shooter that I wrote the code for, and my friend created the music.

Weekend Jam 3

A tower defense game for the Weekend Jam 3. Again I wrote the code and my friend did the music.


A project to try and learn C#, intended to convert an image into ASCII art but I currently haven't gotten around to finishing it.


My first discord bot, been abandoned in favor of GuildMaster but I might recycle the name in the future.